About Us

120 East  has your party or event covered! 
With options ranging from a 6 to 10 piece band, we play a wide range of musical styles with artists ranging from almost A to Z.   We feature 2 outstanding vocalists and a 3 piece horn section that allows us to fill a room with incredible sound!  We've performed for weddings, corporate clients, private parties and local watering holes.  Our members have recorded, toured and perform on a regular basis.  Meet our current lineup

120 East is: 
Brandon Guest - Lead Vocals 
Kayla Taylor - Lead Vocals 
Dennis Doherty - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals 
Bill Brannen - Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals 
Tom Georges – Keyboards 
Ross Olhausen - Bass 
Mark Vaughn - Drums 
Herbie Dorfzaun - Saxophone/Flute 
John McKevitt - Trombone                                                                                                                                          Stephanie Tuck- Trumpet