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So...what's 120 East?  
Well, It's a state rd, it's a direction, it’s the road that passes by the Big Chicken...we're happy to explain that reference if you don't already know it!  It's a group of musicians who love to play and entertain.  It's music.  It's the best music of music from multiple styles!  It's vocals that will reach out and grab you! It's a BIG sound with horns and keys and guitars and more.  One of the great things about being in a band is getting to play the music you love and the music others love too!  When you bring together a group of diversely talented musicians who all have music they want to play, you can't help but end up with an incredible playlist!  From the best of classics to current and with an almost unlimited collection of songs to choose from, a 120 East set list is sure to surprise and please!

So...what's 120 East? 
 It's the band you want IF you want your wedding guests on the dance floor.. IF you want your party to rock.. IF you want your corporate event to be memorable!  It's a group that will work with you to make sure your wedding, party or event turns out the way YOU want it to. 

Check out the video!  We hope to see you soon!